Response to the SPLC

Re: Intelligence Report Article Provokes Outrage Among Men’s Rights Activists

As a Men’s Rights Advocate, I will do the gentlemanly thing and correct Mr. Goldwag’s misconceptions. Thomas James Ball never was considered a leader in the Men’s Rights Movement. He was unknown to me and the rest of the Men’s Rights Movement until the day he took his own life. I understand, however, that it takes a certain amount of integrity to admit wrongdoing, and objective morality is rarely developed by the self-aggrandizing guardians of truth and knowledge.

Moving on, we already know why Mr. Goldwag has not officially condemned feminist man-hating: That’s just bad for business. He is bankrolled by radical leftists, so why alienate them? He has even linked to RadFem himself, goaded by the hope of continued financial favors. There are even rumors that the preceding article was wholly motivated by the promise of favors from a member of RadFem. Those are just rumors, however, even if that member has stepped forward to brag about her “victory.”

In the end, however, because we operate on principal rather than economics, we are morally superior to Mr. Goldwag and his cronies. This is why they shirk away from any direct confrontation like cockroaches from a floodlight. However, they have served their purpose by expanding our audience to the field of law enforcement and government intelligence, and hence SPLC have won the battle but lost the war. I wish him the best in the future, and hope that someday society becomes just enough that it can excise the SPLC.


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Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for every word out of the mouths of everyone who believes in men’s equality, any more than I’m going to answer for everything ever said by someone who likes cheese.
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