Deforestation? It’s the men!

Patriarchy vs. Planet Earth
Lierre Keith

Our planet is being dismembered. Another two hundred species will go extinct today; 98 percent of the earth’s old-growth forests are gone and 99 percent of the prairies; and the International Energy Agency—not exactly a radical group—reports that we have five years to stop releasing carbon or the planet will be rendered uninhabitable.

In this workshop, we’ll investigate the three overlapping political systems that have brought us to the brink: civilization, capitalism, and patriarchy. From a radical feminist perspective, what underlies all three is the violation imperative inherent in masculinity. Whether it’s the violation of women and girls, of rivers and forests, of the face of the moon, of the structure of DNA, or of the atom itself, the violation is eroticized and celebrated across the culture. That critique of masculinity is the crucial piece that feminism brings to the fight to save our planet. One thing is certain: if we don’t dismantle male dominance and liberate women, the planet is dead.

The situation is grim but still not beyond repair. This workshop will end with a discussion of our best hope for both a serious resistance movement and the restoration of our planet.

I’m a hiker and an environmentalist and I’d just like to say: You’re not helping. If you want to do some good for this world, defend the Klan or North Korea or something.


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Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for every word out of the mouths of everyone who believes in men’s equality, any more than I’m going to answer for everything ever said by someone who likes cheese.
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