Feminist “Masculinity” Casts Facetiousness and Cowardice as Virtues?

I have posted two comments here. Surprisingly enough, they are in moderation limbo. I guess their mantra “post, comment, debate, enjoy” was just lip service, tongue waggling, and jaw flapping.

I will archive the post in the state it was when I left my comments, in case they decide to rewrite history, as feminists are fond of doing.

Taking Down Hate Literature!

With the recent tagging/posting that has gone on in Garneau and Downtown area of Edmonton by a group identified as “A Voice for Men,” we have decided to start a counter-website of feminist literature and other helpful tools to help prevent the growth of MRA’s here in the city.

If you find any of their posters or tags throughout the city, please post a picture and/or address of the tag and it will be dealt with!

In Solidarity,

Edmonton Men’s Circle

Now, entranced by the “post, comment, debate, enjoy” beckon, I took it upon myself to sate all four of those tenants in great excess.

So what you’re trying to say is that they are more persuasive and logical and can crowd out your appeals to emotions and personal attacks, so you have to try and censor them.
Fine. However, when you start doing that then a lot of people who respect your dogma might emulate your actions, just against feminist propaganda. Because morally enlightened feminists know the golden rule and encourage their own tactics to be reciprocated. So, if you see some folks “dealing with” your brand of scripture, be sure to thank them for their consideration.

However, upon discovering that moderation was the norm on this fair blog, I found myself unnerved by the facetiousness of this purported men’s group. To yield integrity for the illusion of sycophancy, for shame. Since when has masculinity ever been associated with facetiousness and cowardice, even in a feminist context?

Oh look, comments are moderated. I thought we were supposed to “post, comment, debate, enjoy!” It’s hard to see how a debate can occur when you are scared shitless of the opposition’s arguments.

We shall see what state these comments are posted in, if at all.


About ideologuereview

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for every word out of the mouths of everyone who believes in men’s equality, any more than I’m going to answer for everything ever said by someone who likes cheese.
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