Anger and Dismissal

Re: Tulgey Logger

Okay, take this chance to learn with a little game called “count the disavowals of Thomas Ball’s call to violence by Elam anywhere near Thomas Ball’s call to violence”.
Why does it have to be on the same page? If people want to learn about the Paul Elam’s ideology, they can learn about it and they will learn that Paul Elam is against violence. If they want to back their pathological labels of people who disagree with them, they’ll find “evidence” of that and use it to further cocoon themselves in an ideological bubble.

Oh lord, you’re precious.
Why do you keep going out of your way to belittle me? If you are a feminist, then isn’t the feminist movement more about respect and education than anger and dismissal?


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Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for every word out of the mouths of everyone who believes in men’s equality, any more than I’m going to answer for everything ever said by someone who likes cheese.
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