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judgybitch, it is also worth mentioning that the piece David brought up was written by Amanda Marcotte who had to resign from the Edward’s campaign a few years back. She claimed it was due to an “anti-feminist shitstorm”, as opposed to causing harm to the falsely accused.
Well, I guess if a man is accused then shoot first and ask questions later. That’s good enough for Amanda Marcotte and good enough for David.


Amanda Marcotte was dismissed from the Edwards campaign because Bill Donohue of the Catholic League mounted a campaign against her and another blogger who had made posts critical of the Catholic Church. The book you linked to is incorrect in saying that it was because of Duke Lacrosse.

It’s weird, because usually books thrown together to cash in on sensationalized court cases are known for their meticulous research.

My response:

No, the book mentions that on page 335. And she had to resign because of what she said, not because some oversensitive Catholic mounted a “campaign” against her. It’s because she said things like “What if Mary had taken Plan B after the Lord filled her with his white, sticky Holy Spirit? You’d have to justify your misogyny with another ancient mythology.”
She’s still David’s go-to girl, though, when it comes to gender issues. That might explain a few things, actually.


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