Re: Tulgey Logger and others

Meanwhile, Paul Elam just added racist sack of shit to his title of misogynist and would-be rape-legalizer:


We have several black contributors, and a lot of MRAs are also racial minorities. You seem to have more interest in reinforcing your prejudices than finding the truth.

As others have said, there was no trial in the Duke Lacrosse case. Nor, for that matter, was there a trial in the DSK case, or the Assange case.

I said this was how many trials are handled. I know there was no trial, but the accused were abused and the case was mishandled. Just because the case never made it into the court rooms does not mean an investigation never occurred nor does it mean that this is not indicative of how many cases are handled. Had Mike Nifong’s own motivations not been exposed, there is a reasonable probability that those men would be in jail right now.

To address those claiming that the accuser in the Duke Lacrosse case had been discredited, it would be more accurate to say that the investigators and the prosecutor had been discredited for their unscrupulous tactics. If there really was evidence that a rape had occurred, then why withhold and destroy that evidence?

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Gainfully Employed Privilege

Ten years ago, I would have never thought that having a healthy and realistic body image would be considered privilege. Perhaps, in a decade, choosing to benefit society to the best of one’s abilities will be labeled “gainfully employed privilege” and commuters busing to work will be harassed by welfare bums wearing skinny jeans and fedoras.

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Feminist “Masculinity” Casts Facetiousness and Cowardice as Virtues?

I have posted two comments here. Surprisingly enough, they are in moderation limbo. I guess their mantra “post, comment, debate, enjoy” was just lip service, tongue waggling, and jaw flapping.

I will archive the post in the state it was when I left my comments, in case they decide to rewrite history, as feminists are fond of doing.

Taking Down Hate Literature!

With the recent tagging/posting that has gone on in Garneau and Downtown area of Edmonton by a group identified as “A Voice for Men,” we have decided to start a counter-website of feminist literature and other helpful tools to help prevent the growth of MRA’s here in the city.

If you find any of their posters or tags throughout the city, please post a picture and/or address of the tag and it will be dealt with!

In Solidarity,

Edmonton Men’s Circle

Now, entranced by the “post, comment, debate, enjoy” beckon, I took it upon myself to sate all four of those tenants in great excess.

So what you’re trying to say is that they are more persuasive and logical and can crowd out your appeals to emotions and personal attacks, so you have to try and censor them.
Fine. However, when you start doing that then a lot of people who respect your dogma might emulate your actions, just against feminist propaganda. Because morally enlightened feminists know the golden rule and encourage their own tactics to be reciprocated. So, if you see some folks “dealing with” your brand of scripture, be sure to thank them for their consideration.

However, upon discovering that moderation was the norm on this fair blog, I found myself unnerved by the facetiousness of this purported men’s group. To yield integrity for the illusion of sycophancy, for shame. Since when has masculinity ever been associated with facetiousness and cowardice, even in a feminist context?

Oh look, comments are moderated. I thought we were supposed to “post, comment, debate, enjoy!” It’s hard to see how a debate can occur when you are scared shitless of the opposition’s arguments.

We shall see what state these comments are posted in, if at all.

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Deforestation? It’s the men!

Patriarchy vs. Planet Earth
Lierre Keith

Our planet is being dismembered. Another two hundred species will go extinct today; 98 percent of the earth’s old-growth forests are gone and 99 percent of the prairies; and the International Energy Agency—not exactly a radical group—reports that we have five years to stop releasing carbon or the planet will be rendered uninhabitable.

In this workshop, we’ll investigate the three overlapping political systems that have brought us to the brink: civilization, capitalism, and patriarchy. From a radical feminist perspective, what underlies all three is the violation imperative inherent in masculinity. Whether it’s the violation of women and girls, of rivers and forests, of the face of the moon, of the structure of DNA, or of the atom itself, the violation is eroticized and celebrated across the culture. That critique of masculinity is the crucial piece that feminism brings to the fight to save our planet. One thing is certain: if we don’t dismantle male dominance and liberate women, the planet is dead.

The situation is grim but still not beyond repair. This workshop will end with a discussion of our best hope for both a serious resistance movement and the restoration of our planet.

I’m a hiker and an environmentalist and I’d just like to say: You’re not helping. If you want to do some good for this world, defend the Klan or North Korea or something.

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You Will Not Shame Me (Mirror)


I have gotten email upon threatening email to rescind what I said last year about the Duke Women’s Lacrosse Team and their uninformed support for the accused rapists in the Duke rape case. The case that was mishandled, manipulated and finally dropped on Wednesday.
I usually ignore emails that intend to *put me in my place* but I think we owe it to our supportive readers to say something outside of “black strippers are lying whores” and the “we won” mentality that seems to have overtaken the public imagination with the dreaded interplay of rape and race.
I just want to say first and foremost, I still stand by what I say and have said. It does look bad for people to support accused rapists, at that point we didn’t know the facts either way.

Furthermore, women of color are in fact OFTEN sexually assaulted and usually the criminal justice system and/or the media either overlook it or mishandle it. Women of color often have a higher burden of proof that they are not lying about rape. Case in point (as Amanda and others stated ): when the lack of DNA evidence was announced — before we even knew whether the players were innocent or not — people were quite quick to accuse the accuser of being guilty of lying. So be it.
The charges were dropped. Does this mean that they are innocent? None of us actually know what happened that night. Sorry, unless you were there, you don’t know what happened. Now for the rest of you that have such a die hard belief in the criminal justice system and evidence, well quite frankly I pity you. This is a system that arrests a disproportionate number of people of color, subjecting them to unfair trials, inadequate representation and longer sentences (in a prison system that resembles slavery) SORRY, I don’t trust the courts.

When you’re a woman of color who’s a sexworker, up against white kids with money that can afford *good* lawyers, the outcome is not looking so good.
They were not found to be innocent, the charges were dropped from lack of evidence. Moreover, innocent until proven guilty only applies to certain people. Ideally, it would apply to everyone but *a lot* of people are guilty at arrest, just for being who they are and where they are. We are not operating in a vacuum, but within a long history of corruption and injustice in the supposed justice system. So, if these guys were in fact falsely accused, they got a taste of how black men are treated EVERY DAY by the criminal justice system.
And what is the outcome of all of this? The general public now believes that black strippers ARE in fact lying whores and the worst thing that could happen to a strapping Duke lacrosse player is that his lily white reputation is marred by false accusations. Beyond this being a terrible precedent set for women that bring up rape accusations (still something underreported) to never ever report rape again, the racist and sexist reaction from the media and public have been to say the least profound.
I have gotten emails reminding me about not only the details of this case (because you know I can’t read), but how the possibility that this black woman lied shows us that blacks, in general, are liars who play the race card. And strippers are also liars who deserve to be raped.
Why do I say all this? Because the details of the ACTUAL case are only tangentially relevant here. What is relevant is that certain folks are very quick to jump on the offensive when there is a little bit of evidence that perhaps a black woman lied about a rape. You know because people NEVER accuse (random) black people of crimes that they did not commit. I mean, seriously.
So what is the moral of the story? That much of the American public does in fact hold very racist and sexist beliefs and when given the opportunity to air these sentiments, goes ahead full force. It is this same culture of racism and objectification of people of color in most sectors of our society that would create a situation where a black woman would potentially lie about a rape (which we don’t know if she did). And the same culture that would allow for the subsequent manipulation of her story for political gain.
So predictable.

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Oppression Olympics

Oppression Olympics

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The Social Justice Arsenal

Here is another exchange, in which we learn that mocking people is not bullying but is rather a tool to achieve social justice!

No, actually, not all progress comes at the expense of someone else. The gains of the civil rights movement, of the suffragettes, of LGBT, have not come at the expense of the majority. The rights of women do not, and have not, required rights lost by men. There are plenty of people who *do* educate assholes, and who do not use mockery as a tool in their social justice arsenal.

I am not one of those people. You do not deserve to be treated respectfully, and I, personally, do not possess the patience to treat your half-assed apologies for misogynistic beliefs and practices with respect even if we were in a bizarro universe where we did. You have said the stripping of bodily autonomy from women is merely some sort of political debate, and behaved as though these issues do not affect actual women. You have offered the laziest possible defenses of this bullshit, and you have not even engaged with the most cursory of defenses. You are a capering monkey, and I fully intend to make that clear to everyone else. This is only a loss to you, such as it is; this is not a loss to men, and it is not evidence of a ‘zero sum game’. It is evidence only that fools should not be suffered, and that you are a fool.

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