“We see people as people […] you are a worm”

Nope. “us” is people who see all people as people. “you” are a lot of people who don’t.


Sort of sad that your closest claim to fame is attempts at reflected glory from us thinking you to be a worm.


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Feminists Do Earn Less…

There’s a bit more urgency to my request this time: I’m really and truly broke at the moment. Things should get better later in the year, but right now I could use all the help I can get.

– David Futrelle


“[…] Run by a New Jersey Tea Partier with a financially underwater house and a chronic medical condition, […]”

Ah, classism. Who’d have thought the honorable SPLC could throw his lot under the bus for a buck?

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Feminists and Reality


My post:

judgybitch, it is also worth mentioning that the piece David brought up was written by Amanda Marcotte who had to resign from the Edward’s campaign a few years back. She claimed it was due to an “anti-feminist shitstorm”, as opposed to causing harm to the falsely accused.
Well, I guess if a man is accused then shoot first and ask questions later. That’s good enough for Amanda Marcotte and good enough for David.


Amanda Marcotte was dismissed from the Edwards campaign because Bill Donohue of the Catholic League mounted a campaign against her and another blogger who had made posts critical of the Catholic Church. The book you linked to is incorrect in saying that it was because of Duke Lacrosse.

It’s weird, because usually books thrown together to cash in on sensationalized court cases are known for their meticulous research.

My response:

No, the book mentions that on page 335. And she had to resign because of what she said, not because some oversensitive Catholic mounted a “campaign” against her. It’s because she said things like “What if Mary had taken Plan B after the Lord filled her with his white, sticky Holy Spirit? You’d have to justify your misogyny with another ancient mythology.”
She’s still David’s go-to girl, though, when it comes to gender issues. That might explain a few things, actually.

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A More Apt Title

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Social Justice Ableism


Cassandra, earlier you said:
You appear to believe that adopting a viciously polite tone will convince onlookers that you are a calm and reasonable person who is being unfairly attacked.
Which implies that a viciously polite tone had been adopted. You then state:
(The idea that it’s impossible to be viciously polite is particularly amusing to those of us from cultures that excel at it, such as the UK and Japan.)
Which suggests that being viciously polite is a bad thing. You then contradict these two statements with the following:
I didn’t say that your attempt to adopt a viciously polite tone had been successful.
Any way you cut it, your “linguistic abilities” are not as superior as you believe. This and the following statement also imply that you have no issues with lying and misleading when it suits your own needs:
So you’re fine with the fact that no white MRAs care about black men? Good to know.
I have never suggested that and you know it. David, however, takes no issue with this and has been silent regarding the albeist suggestion that I needed a “nurse” to help me with my daily life or had issues getting dressed. I suppose there is some wisdom to the adage that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I find it fairly indisputable that social justice “activists” here care more about verbally assaulting people than doing any good.

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Mr. Futrelle’s Comments Policy

Grossly misrepresenting another person’s argument, or simply lying about them, another big no-no.”

I was referring to this
If you were, you would have actually referenced it.

My comment:
My post can be found here, in which I state:
To address those claiming that the accuser in the Duke Lacrosse case had been discredited, it would be more accurate to say that the investigators and the prosecutor had been discredited for their unscrupulous tactics. If there really was evidence that a rape had occurred, then why withhold and destroy evidence?
This would more imply evidence which can be withheld and destroyed and not witness testimonies. I am curious where you got the impression I was referring to witness testimonies. You can step up or back down from an explanation as you wish, obviously, and I’ll learn something either way.

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Anger and Dismissal

Re: Tulgey Logger

Okay, take this chance to learn with a little game called “count the disavowals of Thomas Ball’s call to violence by Elam anywhere near Thomas Ball’s call to violence”.
Why does it have to be on the same page? If people want to learn about the Paul Elam’s ideology, they can learn about it and they will learn that Paul Elam is against violence. If they want to back their pathological labels of people who disagree with them, they’ll find “evidence” of that and use it to further cocoon themselves in an ideological bubble.

Oh lord, you’re precious.
Why do you keep going out of your way to belittle me? If you are a feminist, then isn’t the feminist movement more about respect and education than anger and dismissal?

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